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Chris Keith is an experienced leader with a demonstrated history of developing highly efficient teams, creating and implementing successful sales programs, and building and maintaining solid relationships. A dynamic sales/marketing professional skilled in the entire sales "process" including the ability to communicate effectively at a senior leadership level.

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Eliminating Foreign Material Contamination in Raw Ingredients

Posted by Chris Keith on Dec 14, 2021 5:00:00 AM

Even the best producers of raw ingredients are not immune to foreign material contamination. No matter how stringent the internal safety standards are or rigorous the Even the best producers of raw ingredients are not immune to foreign material contamination. No matter how stringent the internal safety standards are or rigorous the HACCP plan is, the most reputable facilities still miss foreign material contaminants sometimes. Contaminants can damage relationships for raw ingredient producers with both consumers and food production customers. With consumers, this can result in costly recalls or lawsuits. With customers, this can result in the loss of business. In any case, accurate and affordable foreign material QA hold resolution services are vital to protecting your reputation and profits. The top names in the raw ingredient industry use FlexXray to inspect their product, and clear foreign material holds.

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What is Foreign Material Contamination?

Posted by Chris Keith on Oct 23, 2020 12:17:06 PM

In the manufacturing industry, foreign material contamination is inevitable. It occurs in every facility at one time or another, but identifying and removing foreign materials is vital to a manufacturer’s success. 

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Q&A: The Biggest Foreign Materials Problem in Food Processing

Posted by Chris Keith on Oct 23, 2020 12:15:02 PM
This article was originally published by Processing Magazine. To read the original posting of this article, click here.
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How easy is Inspecting and Salvaging Product?

Posted by Chris Keith on Mar 26, 2020 1:45:00 PM

FlexXray is the global leader in Inspection & Recovery Services dedicated to serving food and beverage companies. We are currently inspecting about 250 truckloads a month through multiple facilities, helping over 900+ customers salvage good, on-hold product. By salvaging over 98% of inspected product, we help our customers save millions of dollars a year and protect their brand reputations.

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Foreign Material Contamination: It Happens to the Best of Us

Posted by Chris Keith on Mar 18, 2020 4:15:00 PM

The United States of America has one of the safest and best food supplies in the world. Thousands of companies process, prepare and deliver foods of every shape, size and flavor to families across the country. We’re thankful for that every day, from fast food options, to breakfast cereals at home, to Thanksgiving dinner.

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10 Myths and Facts About Food Safety

Posted by Chris Keith on Sep 23, 2019 9:18:00 AM

As a professional in the food industry, you’ve probably heard a lot of food safety myths — but you may not have realized that they didn’t tell the whole story. Until you can separate fact from fiction, you can't make the absolute best choices for your company. Let's look at some of the common food safety myths… debunked.

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The Most Contaminated Foods — and What’s Contaminating Them

Posted by Chris Keith on Sep 9, 2019 9:20:00 AM

Contamination of food by foreign materials continues to be a problem for food manufacturers. While the first half of 2019 saw a dramatic increase in recalls, a deeper dive into those recalls gives a closer look at the most contaminated foods as well as provides insight into the most common vehicles for contamination in the food industry.

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Topics: X-ray Food Inspection, Processed Foods, Recalls and Lawsuits

When Do Portable X-Ray Machine Rentals Make Sense?

Posted by Chris Keith on Aug 26, 2019 9:04:00 AM

Keeping your food safe is a top priority, and that means safeguarding it against everything from food-borne illness to physical contaminants. X-ray inspection can help with the latter and ensure that your product is free from foreign materials.

When sending it out for inspection doesn’t make sense, X-ray rentals provide another option. But when do portable X-ray machine rentals make the most sense?

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Topics: X-ray Food Inspection, X-ray Rentals

The Complete Guide to Metal Detection Services in the Food Industry

Posted by Chris Keith on Aug 22, 2019 8:15:00 AM

As food becomes more processed, the risk of foreign contaminants finding their way into edible products increases. Each step in the production line presents one more opportunity for contamination, either through human or mechanical error. Metal detection services can help prevent metal fragments hidden in food from reaching consumers and provides a way to find slivers of different metals that would be missed throughout the production process.

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Topics: X-ray Food Inspection, Product Packaging, Processed Foods

The Impact of Food Waste and Why It Matters to Your Company

Posted by Chris Keith on Jul 9, 2019 8:59:00 AM

Food waste in the U.S. has become a significant problem from both an economic and environmental perspective. About 40% of the food grown domestically ends up in landfills, which means we’re throwing away an estimated $218 billion worth of food each year. That’s 1.3% of America’s gross domestic product.

The cost for food companies continues climbing; according to the Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA), food manufacturers generate 53 pounds of food waste per every thousand dollars of company revenue. While 43% of food waste comes from families who throw out the food and beverages they’ve bought, the larger percentage of waste comes from manufacturers, retailers and restaurants.

As the industry gains greater awareness about how much food waste is costing food companies, more initiatives are being developed to curb it. Such measures not only lower the amount of waste being generated, but also improve the financial health of food manufacturers, both individually and for the industry as a whole.  

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