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Posted by Kyle Thompson on Apr 19, 2017 8:19:41 AM

There are seemingly endless amounts of ways that food product can be contaminated or become unfit for sale to the public. That is why FlexXray provides a wide variety of services and inspection capabilities to its customers. We know no two incidents are the same, and each situation presents a unique problem.

Metal, plastic, gasket material, glass, stones, and bone are a few of the main items our customers ask us to inspect for. That being said, we will gladly test a sample of anything you have concerns with inside your product and let you know quickly whether or not we can inspect it successfully. FlexXray is routinely able to see things customers did not think we could detect. Send us a sample, we will take it out to one of our machines to test, and will relay the results to you at no cost. It never hurts to try.  We have saved thousands of dollars for hundreds of satisfied customers who were able to avoid disposing good food.

About 70% of our projects consist of inspecting frozen or chilled product. FlexXray has specific procedures in place to handle, monitor, and control temperatures. These include monitoring reefer trailer’s temps and recording pallet temperatures at the line during the inspection. For highly sensitive product, pallets can be split between lines, reducing the amount of time spent outside of refrigeration. Additionally, we have expanded our warehouse space to include a temperature controlled inspection area. This serves to further limit temperature concerns, especially during the summer months.

An additional service we provide for the majority of our customers is contaminant removal. After identifying suspect product, we use an offline x-ray machine to pinpoint and physically remove the foreign material. This provides almost instant results for your quality team to review and also saves you the hassle of having to do that in your facility/lab.

Finally, we also offer taptone can or vacuum sealed bottle inspection to check for swells, weak seams, low vacuum, etc.

One thing we will not typically do is “open” product at our facility. We will remove bags or packages from the case but only if they are sealed. This is to protect your product’s integrity. We can open and inspect product if you specifically request destructive testing; we will document the disposal to your standards as needed.

We know your product is your reputation and we take that very seriously here.  Give us a call to discuss the situation you are facing and we’ll hop on it right away.

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