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The Economics of Inspecting and Salvaging Product

Posted by Kyle Thompson on Nov 2, 2017 9:18:56 AM

FlexXray is the leader in Inspection & Recovery Services dedicated to serving food companies. We are currently inspecting about 150 truckloads a month, helping over 400+ customers salvage product instead of simply throwing it away. This helps save our customers millions of dollars a year.

The concept is pretty simple. When a foreign material incident occurs, a company/plant must decide how to handle the product in question. Often times they end up simply disposing of it because of the time and effort associated with reworking the product internally. Instead of throwing away product that is potentially or partially contaminated with foreign material, you can send it down to us to be inspected. Once we have scanned the product and removed any contaminated units, the product is then ready to be shipped to wholesalers or consumers.

For a fraction of what the trailer of product is worth, usually a few thousand dollars, the product can be saved and sold. Additionally, some customers will send product straight to Distribution Centers or direct to consumers from our facility, saving time and money. We have had customers thank us for saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars on single projects.

Increasingly we have seen the reason of contamination be linked back to someone in the supply chain. Our customers will use our services to verify that the contamination did originate from one of their suppliers and if that is the case, they will ask that supplier to bear responsibility for the costs of our inspection services.

The proprietary equipment we use for inspection will give you the peace of mind that your product is in fact “clean” when it leaves our facility. Our detection limits are far superior to in plant systems. We use medical grade technology, developed in house, running at very slow speeds (3-4ft/min). This technology allows us to detect down to that 0.8mm threshold and smaller. When our customers get “hits” on their in-line metal detectors or x-ray systems, they bracket and quarantine the product to send to us for further inspection.

FlexXray is confident with the technology in place and the value proposition we provide, that the next time you have a foreign material incident we can be of service to you.

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