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An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Care

Posted by Kyle Thompson on Jun 8, 2016 12:48:56 PM

You work hard and commit substantial resources to making great food and building your company’s brand, but it can take just one bad day for that great brand to unravel. In the food business this is particularly true.

Consumers rely on food manufacturers to make quality food for their families, and they expect the food to be safe. When a small production mishap like contaminated food or faulty packaging causes uncertainty for consumers it’s hard to regain customer loyalty – especially when there are plenty of other options to chose from.

The Dreaded Recall

No company can afford to just throw away product when there is a potential contamination. That said, the only thing worse than a customer discovering a contaminant is the pain, cost, and brand impact of having to execute a recall.

This tension – between the cost of disposing of product and the uncertainty around whether a contamination really occurred or to what extent – is what causes recalls to happen. As food companies have to work harder to grow, the tension will only increase.

One study showed there were 626 food recalls in 2015 alone. It happens to some of the best companies in the food business. One of the recalls making big headlines was industry giant, Blue Bell, a great Texas company that in its 108 years had never had experienced a recall – proving that no corporation is immune to facing this challenge at some point.

The cost of a recall is high – between product loss, reputation impact, and the recall logistics, most recalls cost millions of dollars.


The Solution

So the question is: how do you prevent the necessity of a recall?

FlexXray makes this decision easy. FlexXray exists to identify possible food-related problems (inspection) and create solutions (recovery). No matter what happened or how (or even “if”), FlexXray can help you be certain you know what you are dealing with, safe food product from disposal, and help you avoid the cost of a recall.

FlexXray’s cost-effective services will gives you another set of eyes on your product and manufacturing procedures – and will ensure you can sell product that isn’t contaminated and recover or dispose of product that is.  It just doesn’t make sense to be unsure – let FlexXray help you figure out how to recover when a potential issue happens. If you are not sure whether you have a contamination, FlexXray’s inspection services or on-going auditing services will verify that your in-house safety processes are working correctly, or help you remove contaminated product from your supply chain.


Don’t let your brand be tarnished by a false sense of security, check out FlexXray’s service, and avoid the dreaded recall.

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