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Foreign Material Contamination: It Happens to the Best of Us

Posted by Chris Keith on Mar 18, 2020 4:15:00 PM

The United States of America has one of the safest and best food supplies in the world. Thousands of companies process, prepare and deliver foods of every shape, size and flavor to families across the country. We’re thankful for that every day, from fast food options, to breakfast cereals at home, to Thanksgiving dinner.

A lot of work goes into preparing and delivering food to consumers, and sometimes in that process, physical contaminants or foreign materials get into the food. It even happens to the best companies with the most robust FSQA plans from time to time. It’s just part of the territory.

Whether you’re a plant manager, quality control manager, operations manager or food safety supervisor, a contamination incident from foreign material is a huge risk for your brand and bottom line. Contamination can result in a damaged reputation, a loss in consumer trust, or worse, a recall or lawsuit

When a foreign contaminant gets into the food supply, the best companies usually know. They have systems in place. Whether it’s a rubber washer, a piece of plastic, a few stones, a small part of a conveyor belt, or some metal shavings from a grind plate or grater, it’s no surprise when the company has to bracket some product, put it on hold, and investigate or inspect for contamination.

The challenge is this: a company that focuses all of its processes, equipment, and personnel on making food usually isn’t the most equipped or efficient at finding or inspecting for contamination when it happens. Their core competency is making product; efficiently and profitably… Not shutting down the process and re-inspecting yesterday’s product.

That’s where FlexXray comes in. With custom medical-grade equipment, trained labor, multiple facilities, and the best processes in place to rework and segregate out the contaminated product, FlexXray does it all for you.  Accurately, Timely, and Cost-Effectively.

It’s like FlexXray is made to find needles in haystacks! Contact us today and send us your on-hold product. Let’s get your safe product on shelves fast. 817-803-2659



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