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How easy is Inspecting and Salvaging Product?

Posted by Chris Keith on Mar 26, 2020 1:45:00 PM

FlexXray is the global leader in Inspection & Recovery Services dedicated to serving food and beverage companies. We are currently inspecting about 250 truckloads a month through multiple facilities, helping over 900+ customers salvage good, on-hold product. By salvaging over 98% of inspected product, we help our customers save millions of dollars a year and protect their brand reputations.

Although it’s still new to many, the concept is simple. When a foreign material incident occurs, a company must decide how to handle the bracketed product. Instead of choosing costly options including reworking it internally and taking line production time, shipping it out and risking lawsuits, recalls and consumer complaints, or simply throwing it away and filling up our national landfills, facilities can choose to send it to one of our sites to be accurately and thoroughly inspected with our trained teams and our custom equipment. 

Once we have inspected the product and segregated any contaminated units, the good product is then fully reconciled and ready to be shipped to wholesalers or consumers. For a fraction of what the trailer of product is worth or what a lawsuit or recall will cost the company, the clean product can be saved and sold.  The FlexXray Vision process saves time, money, and brand reputation. 

Where does the inspection data lead?  Increasingly, we have seen the rise of contamination linked back to a prior step in the supply chain (raw materials, mixed ingredients, processing, etc). With our detailed inspection data and contaminant retrieval, our customers can more fully verify the likely origination of contamination and will ask that supplier to bear responsibility for the costs of our inspection services.

The process and equipment we use for inspection gives customers the peace of mind that product is in fact “clean” when it leaves our facility. Our detection limits, due to our custom process, are far superior to in-plant systems. We use medical-grade technology, developed in house, running at very slow speeds (3-4ft/min). This allows us to detect down to that 0.8mm threshold and smaller on many types of common foreign materials. 

It really is easy and hassle free.  When inline equipment alarms at a high rate and/or investigation information leads to product being put on hold, we can be a fast and cost-effective option.  Sample evaluation and project quotes are always FREE. With all things considered (re-work, disposal, brand reputation, etc), FlexXray’s value proposition, service standards, and operational capacity cannot be beat. Call us today to maximize the power of FlexXray Vision for your product at 817-803-2659.



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