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Maintaining Product Integrity in Frozen Products or Warmer Climates

Posted by FlexXray on Mar 19, 2020 1:30:00 PM

Summer is nearly upon us, meaning swimming pools, BBQs, and hot weather. The rising temperature outside also means an increase in the amount of effort it takes to keep our food cool and at proper temperature during transport. Reefer trailers must work harder and the amount of time product can be “left out” decreases significantly. These are all things we are aware of and pay close attention to at FlexXray.

For over 19 years we’ve been maintaining product integrity for 900+ customer facilities across North America. We’ve put in place strict guidelines and processes to ensure product in our care stays the appropriate temperature throughout our inspection process. These guidelines include important monitoring and recording of reefer trailer temperatures upon arrival, during inspection and prior to leaving our lot.  They also include the use of bulk-head doors, documenting of product temperature during inspection and ensuring climate control inspection rooms.

At our flagship facility in Texas the summer temperatures can reach over 100 degrees. If not properly addressed and monitored aggressively, this can cause a concern for product quality and food safety. It can also cause concern for our employee well-being. That is the reason we expanded and completed the new facility build out to include the temperature-controlled inspection area. This allows us to maintain tighter temperature control and keep happier, more alert employees.

**The same build out of a temperature-controlled inspection room is currently underway in the new Illinois facility**

A question we most frequently receive: “How do you maintain temperature when moving at 3-4ft per minute… won’t that take too long?”

Sometime, yes! When pallets or cases take longer than anticipated, we’re prepared. In establishing delta temperatures by taking an opening and closing temperature of each pallet, our teams are fully trained to maintain temperature at all costs. Whether that means splitting a pallet on multiple lines to work through it more quickly or separating pallets by layer to only work on one at a time from the reefer trailer, we ALWAYS maintain temperature control. 

At FlexXray, we understand the importance of product integrity and work hard around the clock to maintain the most robust processes possible. Our customers rest easier at night knowing their product is in our care and will never be compromised.

When facing a possible foreign material concern in your frozen or refrigerated product, no problem! FlexXray is the most reliable partner available and is here to help when needed. Contact us today to find the fastest solution for reworking your on-hold product at 817-803-2659



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