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FlexXray Vision is Transforming Food Manufacturing

Posted by FlexXray on Apr 21, 2020 12:43:27 PM



Foreign material contamination is a major threat to the food manufacturing industry. It can be deadly to products, profit margins and brand reputations. But it often flies under the radar of in-house detection machines that don’t have the capability or capacity to detect materials beyond metal, to detect miniscule material particles, and to go through large amounts of product accurately and thoroughly. 

Because let’s face it--food manufacturing companies are set up to make food products efficiently and effectively, not to bog down their core competencies in order to find foreign material contaminants! 

When one of a company’s worst nightmares becomes reality, and they have to put a batch of product on-hold for potential foreign contamination, history would tell them that there are only 3 options to deal with the problem. One, dispose of the entire product run; two, attempt to shut down a line and rework the product internally against core competencies; or three, simply ship the product out, risking recalls, lawsuits, and lost brand reputation.

In actuality, foreign material contamination holds have a very simple solution: FlexXray Vision. The process has two steps--you send it, we inspect it. It’s just like having a button for your desk you could press every time you send product to us that says “That was Easy!”

FlexXray Vision is the “Superpower” that all food manufacturing companies need to know about. FlexXray Vision combines the power and precision of the human eye, the talent of a skilled and detailed team, slower inspection speeds (our conveyor belts push product at 3-4 ft. per minute so we can harness more detection power and attention to detail to spot even the smallest particle), and  custom built X-Ray technology designed to deliver the best inspection results on products and foreign materials of all types. Think foreign material contaminants can get past us? Think again.  

FlexXray Vision is Accurate & Precise.  

We’re able to detect foreign contaminants down to 0.8 mm or smaller, and we can detect contaminants of all different materials including metal, glass particles, stones, bone, rubber, plastic, gasket material, product clumps, container defects, wood and other missing components. And we’re consistent--if a foreign contaminant exists in your on-hold product that can be detected, we will find, identify and extract it, and provide you with the applicable product information. With full traceability throughout our entire process, our customers are able to use concrete data in their internal investigations to further help them identify next steps and solutions.   

FlexXray Vision is Fast.   

No matter how large or small your product hold is, we have the capacity and labor to provide the fastest turnarounds for re-working product in North America. We have over 20 inspection lines operating 24/7, often inspecting an entire truckload in as little as three to four hours. Located throughout the U.S., we currently inspect approximately 250 truckloads per month through our three U.S. facilities, salvaging product and profits for over 900 customer facilities.  

FlexXray Vision is the Most Cost-Effective Option. 

You don’t have to trust us on this one--you can see the numbers. We know that foreign material contamination, in a best-case scenario, leads to costly in-house re-working or disposal of the entire product hold. In the worst-case scenarios, foreign contamination leads to costly lawsuits, recalls and ruined brand reputations. With FlexXray Vision, companies are able to get a faster turnaround at a much lower cost than any other internal or external option, both short-term and long-term. 

When you think of FlexXray Vision, we want you to think of Tesla. Or Apple. Or Disney. Or any company revolutionizing their industry--because that’s what we’re doing for the food manufacturing industry. When you partner with us, you’re not only an “early adopter” of some of the best technology and processes to ensure your product is safe to go on shelves every time, you also get to be the hero that saves your company BIG MONEY. Because nothing has more negative cost potential than contaminated product.  

We’re mobilizing the power of FlexXray Vision for the advantage of customers and consumers across North America. Don’t wait to partner with us--get your safe product back into distribution or on shelves fast. When you contact us today at 817.803.2659, even if you don’t have a symbolic button, we know what you’ll be thinking. 

That was easy!  

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