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Posted by FlexXray on Apr 6, 2016 4:28:20 PM



Many companies hope their in-house QA departments will ensure product quality. However, high-profile product recalls like metal shavings in boxed macaroni and a snake head in a can of green beans have demonstrated that even the strictest quality control protocols don’t eliminate every issue.


Organizations make mistakes, especially when demand and efficiency objectives push production speeds. Every company has issues from time to time these days.

A public product recall has enormous potential to damage profitability and the reputation of your brand. No company wants to be on the news because of a product error. However, X-ray inspection offers a better alternative and means you can keep running production without disrupting output – while concurrently ensuring you meet your quality objectives.


Why Use X-Ray Inspection

Manufacturing has become considerably more sophisticated. That said, physical contamination of food in production happens more frequently than anyone would like, usually for reasonable and normal reasons. Sometimes, machines release tiny fragments into food product other times, outside contaminants like scoops, bits of rubber gloves, wood, stone pebbles, or bone get into the product during production.


Relying on the naked eyes of a human inspector is insufficient and metal detectors only work for large fragments in certain types of containers – and never work for plastic, stone, wood, and other frequent contaminants.


Conversely, FlexXray’s technology can find and isolate many kinds of contaminants, down to a tiny 0.8mm (almost impossible to see with the naked eye).


Even if you know there is a contaminant, the next steps for your product can be expensive.  Usually companies have to consider disposal as their only option unless they use the services of a company like FlexXray.  Our inspection teams find the contaminants like metal, glass or stone, then can isolate the problem to the affected packages and salvage and repackage what is left.


FlexXray’s customers are thrilled with the service – we let our customers focus on production while we fix the problems for them.  We limit waste and ensure customers can use as much of their product as possible. X-rays are simply the smartest way to utilize technology to catch these errors early - before they damage your business and your brand.


In fact, customers are starting to send product proactively to further improve efficiency and avoid costly mistakes.  By sending a sample of products quarterly for inspection, companies are eliminating larger problems down the road.  This simple, low-cost process confirms your QA efforts are working in-house and gives you added assurance you won’t have a big bad surprise.


The Process of Outside Inspection


If you haven’t used FlexXray before, give us a quick call.  We’ll explain the process, help you send over a sample, and we’ll show you with photos how we can inspect and isolate any contaminants you have.  Or, we’ll develop a plan for proactive inspection with you to enhance your quality efforts.  We’d love to talk you through the process on the phone.

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